SD Card Photo Recovery: Get Back To Your Incredible Photos

In which case SD card photo recovery is required or why it gets corrupt? SD card is a non-volatile removable storage media widely used by almost all users of multimedia gadgets. It is appropriate for small digital devices such as mobile phone, digital cameras, tablet computers, camcorders, auto players and GPS navigation devices. It is designed for providing quick data access and huge storage capacity in a very small size and thus maximizes the capacity of portable devices. Also, this card is compact and light which supports all photo formats JPEG, PNG, JPG, etc. Besides, it can also store any multimedia files like video, audio and documents.

Despite of all advantages of SD card, it cannot escape its corruption because of frequent use. However, many a times some other issues and improper handling of this card also renders in its corruption. As a result, you are unable to access your precious photos from the device. Corruption in card may also lead to lost of your photos permanently. So in such extreme case, there is need of SD card photo recovery with an efficient tool inorder to get back your photos.

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Know the symptoms of corruption

  • When you attempt to read SD card, display of error message like cannot read from device indicates its corruption.

  • Nonrecognition of card from computer or displaying of a message to reformat SD card is a symptom of its damage.

  • In case most of photos are deleted or missing from the SD card.

  • If card gets locked and denies to access any of your photo.

  • When SD card unable to store any further photo or also cannot be able to delete existing photos.

  • Failure of card in transferring photos when connected to computer.

Common reasons behind the above behavior of SD card

  • Virus attack.

  • If photos are accidentally deleted by you.

  • Unintentional SD card formatting.

  • Improper and forceful ejection of card from device and computer.

  • Some kind of interruption during read/write or photo transfer process.

If you want to perform successful SD card photo recovery after corruption in it then from the very instance, stop using the card. Neither use it to save any further data nor make a single attempt to access photos from it. Any of such activity from your side will result in permanent loss of priceless photos. Then a query arises what to do in case of damage in SD card and how to get the photos back? Photo recovery software is the best and perfect solution of the above query which not only supports Windows but also recover pictures from Mac OS .

This software is programmed with powerful algorithms so to accomplish the task efficiently. It throughly scans the SD card and easily fixes all corruption in it. This tool is much reliable in recovering all photos from the card irrespective of causes behind its inaccessibility or corruption. It has graphical interface so even least technical users can simply use it. With this tool, you can retrieve all photos in just few minutes with intact original quality. Besides SD card, this professional tool is designed to support all varieties of digital camera and memory cards available in the market. So why to wait anymore! Use this efficient software right now to perform SD card photo recovery and bring back your incredible photos.

Free Download Windows          Free Download Mac

User Guide Windows

Step 1:- Connect the digital device or storage media with your system and select the “Start Scan” for recovering photos, audios files and videos from the memory cards or other  storage media.

Step 2:- This will display the list of all connected storage device or media from which you can easily select drive to recover lost photos, audios files and videos. Also you can select advance scanning to customize recovery process on the basis of file formats.

Step 3:- It will display a list of all recoverable file types from which you can easlity select the desired type which you need to recover. Then after selecting, start the scan process for recovering the lost photo.

Step 4:- This will provide the preview of files in thumbnail size before starting recovery process. You can also select the individual as well as all files for starting recovery process. Scanning process is shown by progress bar.

Step 5:- After completion of scanning process, it displays the list of all recovered photos.

Step 6:- Now with the help of browse button, save the recovered photos at your specified location.

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