Memory Card Recovery : Canon Memory Card Error

Looking for instant memory card recovery? Canon is an easily affordable digital camera among people integrated with advanced technology. It uses a memory card to store all multimedia files inside it. Though being good storage device, there is also a high possibility of files getting lost due to various issues. In most cases user also come across various error messages which indicates that card is corrupted. Therefore user fails to access the files which are stored in canon camera when they try to open or read those files.

Causes of Data Loss from Canon Camera

There are various reason which result in loss of files from canon camera. Some of them are:

  • Severe virus or Trojan alert
  • Corrupted memory card
  • Power upsurge
  • Low battery
  • Pulling out of memory card from the camera
  • Formatting of the memory card

Error messages

 Various error messages also keep displaying when canon camera get corrupted such as
“Memory card error”. Such error messages indicates that memory card is corrupted and user will not be able to access the data anymore. However backup plays an important role in human life. Canon user can easily get back their lost files from the stored backup. It is strictly advised not to format the memory card as formatting fixes the error but result in completely deletion of files from the device. It is also advised to stop using the device and do not save any new files on it as there is a major chances of overwriting of the old data. If the problem still exist it is better to use an efficient memory card recovery tool.

 Best Option: Memory Card Recovery Software

To resolve the above mentioned error and to get back the valuable files there is no other way better than a memory card recovery software. It is embedded with high scanning algorithm and scans the entire media. It successfully restores images of all file formats such as BMP, JPEG, TIFF, AVI, MOV etc. It is also compatible with all Mac and Windows version as well. The memory card recovery software even restores those files which accidentally gets deleted from the memory card. It also restores files from other storage media such as USB, Mac hard drive, pen-drive etc. when scanning process completes over, the memory card recovery software safely restores the recoverable files in a new location as desired.

User guide: How to use Memory Card Recovery Software:

Step 1: Download and install memory card recovery software and then connect the memory card to your PC. Now click on the start scan option in order to retrieve your deleted pictures from it.

Step 2: All the list of storage media get listed. Now select the drive which contain the deleted pictures. You can also select advance scanning method to perform recovery process as per file formats.


Step 3: A list of all recoverable file types displays. Select the desired file types and ten select the scanning process in order to recover your lost pictures.

Step 4: It also display preview of the recovered files so that you can easily view the recoverable files before recovery process starts up.

Step 5: When scanning process starts up, all the recovered files displays so that you can easily have preview.

Step 6: Select the location to save your file in your desire location.





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