Sandisk Card Recovery: Sandisk Card not Recognized by Camera Error

As we know sandisk card is used as a storage device in all digital camera for storing the captured photos. It enable user to transfer photos to PC or other device. But sometime it get corrupted and digital camera display error that is “Sandisk Card not Recognized by Camera”. Such error message indicate that the card is corrupted and you will not be able to used further.

“Sandisk Card not Recognized by Camera” error is a common error and irritate user a lot as no one wants to lose those files stored in it. There can be various issue which can result in corruption of memory card like severe virus infection, accidentally pulling out the memory card, no space inside memory card etc. Hence any of the above mentioned issue could result in loss of files stored in sandisk card. It is also asked user not to format the sandisk card as it can fix the error but may also result in deletion of files from it. Hence the only option left is to use a relevant recovery tool for sandisk card recovery.


Memory Card Recovery Software

Once sandisk memory card is corrupted, it is asked not to use the card further. Then try for good and effective recovery tool. Memory card recovery software is a software which can easily fix Sandisk Card not Recognized by Camera Error. Moreover it also enables user to access the card and easily retrieve any lost pictures from it, no matter how it get corrupted. The software undergoes deep scanning and identify the file which is to be repaired. User can also have preview of the scanned file so that they can easily restore wherever required. The software even does not require any experts help as it comes along with a easy GUI. Memory card recovery software is a very good choice for data recovery according to many sandisk users. It works effectively in almost all memory card that is CF card, SD card, SDHC card, Micro SD card etc.

User Guide: How to Use Memory Card Recovery Software

Step 1: Download and install memory card recovery software and then connect it to your PC. Then click on the start scan option in order to retrieve your deleted pictures from it.

Step 2: All the list of storage media get listed. Now select the drive which contain the deleted pictures. You can also select advance scanning method to perform recovery process as per file formats.

Step 3: A list of all recoverable file types displays. Select the desired file types and then select the scanning process in order to recover your lost pictures.

Step 4: It also display preview of the recovered files so that you can easily view the recoverable files before recovery process starts up.

Step 5: When scanning process starts up, all the recovered files displays so that you can easily have preview.

Step 6: Select the location to save your file in your desire location.




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